Youth Leader

Please Note: This is a part-time position with a flat rate of $15.00 per hour. Work hours will be determined by staff availability and open schedule of 797.


The Youth Leader is vital to the overall mission and vision of the restorative and equity work at 797 by ensuring the environment is safe and welcoming to all.  The role of the Youth Leader is to build a sense of community and belonging through the lens of restorative practice and racial justice. The Youth Leader will work closely with the Directors at the Center for Youth Services as ambassadors of Youth voice, Restorative practices and Equity.


  • Creates a welcoming, safe, fun and positive environment for youth to connect with one another and access the needed services.
  • Establish and maintain supportive, appropriate relationships with a diverse group of youth.
  • Co-Facilitate restorative practice interventions as needed virtually or in-person.
  • Work with all youth to develop and implement additional programs/services based on needs.
  • Engage community to provide awareness of programs and services at 797 and 905.
  • Develop monthly 797 Newsletter/Communications
  • Partner with all departments within the Center for Youth to offer youth voice and leadership (i.e. speakers bureau)
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Director of Restorative Practices and Equity.


Candidates must:

  • Adhere to ethical conduct
  • Passion for inspiring youth
  • Demonstrate professionalism, i.e., timely, dependable, responsible, flexible.
  • Be non-judgmental and respectful manner especially in regard to immediate crisis response
  • Be creative
  • Possess dynamic platform and facilitation skills.
  • Possess strong organizational, time-management skills
  • Be a self-starter
  • Model principles of inclusion, diversity, and equity
  • Be youth centered and strength based
  • Be youth and family friendly
  • Have understanding of youth issues in Monroe county
  • Establish effective working relationships with supervisor and co-workers
  • Conduct research and apply best-practices and evaluation methods
  • Effectively promote knowledge and skill development and positive behaviors
  • Be willing to attend trainings on multiple digital platforms and use those skills to engage youth and staff 


The Center delivers services to youth and families from many racial, ethnic, cultural, social and life style groups.  We value differences in people and strive to understand diverse cultures, ethnic origins, sexual orientations, abilities and beliefs.  To this end, all staff is required to attend professional development trainings and to continually enhance their understanding of cultural diversity.

Staff are expected to respect and honor cultural and human diversity and be sensitive to the needs of youth from varied backgrounds.  The annual Performance Appraisal provides an opportunity to staff to evaluate how they are integrating culturally competent practices into their everyday work.


Must be 18 or older. Must possess a passion to work with youth and have a self-starter mentality.


Candidates must be able to be autonomously mobile in order to provide the required services.

Computer Skills Recommended:

Windows- Basic

Microsoft Word- Basic

Outlook Express- Basic


The Center for Youth provides equal opportunities for employment regardless of race, gender, color, religion, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability.


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