EarthWorks recognizes the bond we share with nature, and we understand the everlasting relationship that exists between children and nature. Our mission is to provide children with support and space to experience this relationship through unstructured forest play, curiosity-driven exploration, and wilderness skill practice. We aim to create a physically safe and emotionally supportive environment, where students develop resilience, self-confidence, and an appreciation for the natural world.

Building relationships with nature

EarthWorks is a youth development program offered by The Center for Youth that focuses on 21st Century Skills, experiential learning, STEAM and environmental enrichment, and personal wellness. By partnering with the community leaders and educators we develop programs that build healthy, lasting, bonds between land and community.

Challenges such as unemployment, poverty, lack of transportation, and unfamiliarity with our local bio-region prevent our communities from developing and connecting with the world at large in more fulfilling ways. By helping families gain access to these relationships, EarthWorks and our Guides seek to improve the quality of life in our city and the Greater Rochester Region. We do this by focusing on family development, wellness, and experiential education, providing programs that empower people, but especially youth with invaluable life-skills, building healthy, lasting bonds across our communities and green spaces.

Group Programming

We inspire healing and personal growth through nature immersion and mentoring programs.

Extended Enrichment

Partnering with educators, our guides can help develop hands-on curriculum for STEM and environmental education, experiential learning, and 21st Century Skills like team building, critical thinking, creativity, and more. Programs are crafted to suit administrative goals, and sustain a positive community impact.

Outdoor Experiences

Environmental science, forestry, and education are at the heart of what we do. EarthWorks offers the skills and experience to facilitates safe, nature-based programs among diverse groups while helping them to develop skills and experiences that connect youth with their world and each other.

EarthWorks staff are comprised of highly trained, diversely practiced, individuals with over 20 years of combined experience developing environmental and educational programs. They guide students through coyote mentoring, to educate, inspire, and empower youth by allowing them to develop connections with themselves and their world through meaningful experiences.

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