A bridge to Peace - Restorative practices in action


A Bridge to Peace is named by and for young people. This vital new program provides youth-centered activities, programs and an open and welcoming space to encourage positive youth engagement, socialization and restorative practices.

The Center for Youth identified a gap in community programming centered on youth leadership and youth decision making.  In the new site, located in the the former YMCA Monroe Avenue Branch, we have the opportunity to embrace the youth voice that was the key to our agency’s first group of youth 50 years ago. And as we move into our 50th year, we remain committed to the original goals of the youth who started this agency. A Bridge to Peace will be a safe place for young people who are disconnected from services and supports. It is our goal to offer innovative programming focusing on peace and justice, restorative practices and opportunities for engagement.

Offering unique opportunities including a Place of Peace, meditation and quiet space, a large workforce and employment outreach and restorative work will result in greater participation and the identification of youth that we are not serving at this time.

Youth engaged in A Bridge to Peace benefit in a programmatic intersection, gaining access to supplemental resources at The Center like Learn to Earn – a workforce development initiative that provides job training, employment navigation and workforce readiness.

(rolling enrollment)

Purple Diamondz Dance Team
Ages 4yrs. – 18yrs
Days: Monday , Wednesday, Thursday
Time: 5:15pm – 7:00pm
Start Date: January 17,2022

Success Modeling and Acting
Ages: 10yrs -18yrs
Days: Mondays (other days TBD)
Time: 5:00pm-7:00pm
Start Date: January 24, 2022

Rochester Fury Boys Basketball Program
Ages: 12yrs -18yrs
Days: Monday & Thursday
Time: 5:00pm – & 7:00pm
Start Date: January 24, 2022

Visual Arts
Ages: 2yrs – 17yrs
Days: Tuesday & Friday
Time: 4:45 7:00
Starts Date: January 24, 2022

Intro to Bass Guitar
Ages: 9yrs -18yrs
Days: Tuesday & Thursday
Times: 4:45pm – 6:30pm
Start Date: January 24, 2022

Intro to Drums
Ages: 10yrs – 18yrs
Days: Tuesday & Thursday
Times: 4:45pm – 6:30pm
Start Date: January 24,2022

ROC Elite Legacy Step Team
Ages: 14yrs – 18yrs
Days: Wednesdays & Thursdays
Times: 4:00 – 7:00pm
Start Date: January 19, 2022

Soap Box Derby 
Ages: 10yrs – 15yrs
Days: Thursday (other days TBD)
Times: 4:45pm – 7:00pm
Start Date: January 27, 2022

Q+ group to support LGBTQ+ youth

Who is @ 797:

    • Director of School-Based & Workforce Development Programs: Paul Clark
    • Director of Restorative Practices in Action: Nolica Murray-Fields
    • Restorative Coordinator: Daphne Keys
    • Learn 2 Earn: Workforce Development Program: Workforce Navigators: Sherida Yanguas (Lead/Bilingual), Hank Warfield, Theresa Fernandez (Bilingual), and Tom Ferron

Phone: (585) 442-6814
797 Monroe Avenue Rochester, NY 14607

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