New Beginning School

New Beginning is a small, alternative school for young men, ages 16-21, who have faced challenges in a traditional school setting or who have had an encounter with the criminal justice system. The Rochester City School District’s (RCSD) Youth and Justice Program partners with The Center for Youth to offer the New Beginning School.

Why New Beginning?

RCSD educators teach all the academic courses that students would receive in a traditional school setting. The Center for Youth offers individualized support services such as:

New Beginning engages and empowers male students in the Rochester City School District in a smaller setting with the goal of getting them to graduation. The school is designed to help the young men become active members of our community by sustaining or improving academic success, reducing recidivism and enhancing employability.

If Our Streets Could Talk

The If Our Streets Could Talk film project, sponsored by AT&T, features young men in New Beginning. These students had the opportunity to learn about film and photography while sharing their voices. This is their story.

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